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28 January 2009 @ 12:51 pm
welcome to vinoodh icons and graphics!  
Come to vinoodh to quench your icon, graphic, and screencap thirst. We are still setting up shop, but icons are available! I will be keeping entries public for the time beings, so feel free to peruse and use!

Please follow the following rules should you choose to use/save any of the material created by vinoodh/fawlty

1. Credit either fawlty or vinoodh (although I would prefer the latter). I'm not going to hunt you down and cause trouble if you don't/won't, I just think it's a courtesy to both the icon maker as well as those who are interested in saving and crediting the icons they come across. If you're interested in the cute copyright symbol as much as I am, but don't like to scour the internet for it, here you go: ©

2. Please comment if you end up using any of these icons, screencaps, or graphics. Or if you just like them. My ego can never be falsely inflated enough.
3. I hope to have a concisce resource and tutorial list up and running shortly, which should minimize the amount of "how did you do that" and "it's not working for me" questions/concerns. I have no qualms with helping someone out the best I can, so please feel free to politely ask for any help you may need. A simple please & thank you go a long way.
4. This "rule" probably isn't needed, but I'm going to cover all my bases. If you're rude, you're out. I have no problem figuring out how to ban people who abuse fellow members, onlookers, or the mod.

Feel free to take a look around and consider joining and/or watching vinoodh!
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